Research Topics

We study a range of environmental processes at the interface between engineering and ecology, to discover how they work and to determine their environmental and societal effects. Through our research, we aim to contribute to generating the knowledge that will help better understand and manage the environment, particularly in the face of ongoing climate change.

Bacterial motility & Chemotaxis

#chemotaxis, motility, ocean, biological carbon pump, symbiosis, microfluidics, microscopy, field deployments

Microbial Ecosystems

#microbial ecology, environmental microbiology, population dynamics, microbial growth scaling law


#microbial interactions, phytoplankton, phycosphere, symbiosis, chemotaxis, attachment

Leaf Microbiome

#microbial interactions, phyllosphere, leaf morphology, water dynamics


#river hydraulics, hydropower, fish passage, habitat modelling, environmental flows, hydropeaking


#bacterial biofilms, biofilm assembly, biofilm dynamics, biofilm rheology, fluid flow

Soil Microbiome

#porous media, chemical transport, microbial behaviour


#encounter rates, encounter kernels, microbial interactions, interaction timescales


#cell growth, cell morphology, proteomics, biomass