The Stocker Lab

Who We Are

We are a passionate team of interdisciplinary scientists using cutting-edge tools from engineering and biology to advance knowledge and solutions to environmental challenges

Our Vision

In the Stocker lab, we spy on the lives of aquatic organisms. We specialise in the use of imaging to capture and quantify organismal behaviour, from microorganisms to fish, which we study by developing dedicated technology, including microfluidics.

Latest News

Leaf Microbiome

Leaves host a significant part of the plant microbiome, a specialized community of microbes that influences plant tolerance to stress and protection against…


Led by Eleonora Secchi Biofilms are consortia of bacteria that grow on surfaces, embedded in a self-secreted polymeric matrix. The matrix distinguishes the…


Marine unicellular algae, also called phytoplankton, are key to the world’s oxygen production and form the foundation of oceanic ecosystems. These tiny creatures,…


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