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Do you remember the first time you entered a scientific laboratory? Perhaps you recall the excitement, the fascination and a little bit of intimidation and shyness that came with it? For the majority of the girls of the Kangaroo goes Science event, it was the first time in a lab when they came to visit us. With the aim of giving the girls a taste of scientific work, we conducted an interactive workshop with a number of experiments related to our research topics and methods. Together with the girls, we mimicked the flow conditions of microbes in a flume, found the best shapes for slow sinking phytoplankton made of modelling clay models and spied on motile and non-motile phytoplankton to observe the different shapes that plankton species have and how some of them move. In the end, we hope to have given the girls a great first experience in a scientific laboratory and would love to see many of them again at ETH in couple of years!